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I’m so glad you could join me here. This is where I share with you my art, my experiences, my knowledge, and the deepest innermost parts of myself. I hope for this to be a source of inspiration and education for you, so that we may grow together.

My name is Bianca Martin. I’m located in Upstate New York. I am a home (gluten-free) cook, a gardener, a cactus mom, a writer, a designer, and an artist.

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About me & my work

We as humans are multifaceted. There are numerous characteristics, activities, and experiences that make up the whole person, and yet two come for the forefront for me. Design and illustration are my two sides of a coin. I’ve been working on the corporate end of art in recent years: logo design, branding small businesses and individuals, creating menus for local restaurants, advertising photography, and everything in between. There is an intense passion for this type of art; it is something that allows me to help others grow and succeed where I still get to be creative. On the other side of this coin is the illustration: this is where I myself get to explore. I am limited only by myself, my tools, and my time. I take heavy inspiration from folklore and fairy tales, and work primarily in watercolor and pastel to create ethereal works that envelop the viewer into my world. The meeting place of design and illustration is where I am most frequently; the ridges of the coin. It is where I am helping others to get what they want out of the creative world. This is where I create pet portraits and other such custom works of art. I have also recently delved into the world of teaching others about their own creation of art through blogging and consultancy.

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“Bianca is one of the most creative, innovative artists I’ve ever witnessed. Her ideas are fresh and interesting and her style is unique. Her passion and love for her work shines through 100%. Her artwork is a wonderful investment.” – Josie White

“My first horse was my “heart horse”, an equestrian term (not bandied about lightly) to distinguish one horse above all others that means the most to you. I had many wonderful years with her and after she died, a friend suggested having her portrait commissioned. I perused countless equine portrait artist portfolios, but they all appeared flat. It seemed each artist had a subconscious template they painted, you could see the repetition of shape in portrait after portrait, horse after horse, the only thing to distinguish were the markings and coat coloring. The medium was always the same: a thick, heavy-handed oil painting with dark, conservative paint. My mare was a lofty, fairy-like creature, whose vibrant coat shined like a bright copper penny in the sun, and I knew having her captured in a dark, soulless portrait would be a severe injustice to her memory, so I never committed. 
It wasn’t until 2019, eleven years later, that I stumbled across Bianca Martin’s artwork purely by chance. I was enamored with her light, free spirited water colors, and when I saw her portfolio of pet portraits, I was sold. Each portrait I went through, I saw and felt the personality of every model, each breathed with their own uniqueness. I knew immediately this was exactly what I had been waiting for and contacted Bianca. Bianca is just as vibrant as her work, as well as a kind and sweet soul who listened to (endured?) my sappy outpouring of love for this horse and used that emotion along with my many photographs, some of poor quality, to bring my mare back to life in a portrait that sings. The breath-like strokes of watercolor and the gently overlapping layers of color capture the airiness of her personality and brightness of her coat. When I received the portrait, shipped with great care, I actually cried. Bianca had captured the soft, gentle look in my mare’s expression that I love and miss so dearly. Bianca’s work now hangs above my desk where I can see it every day and I treasure it with all my heart..” – Sarah Kelly

“She did an amazing painting of my cat, Archer, for my boyfriend. She was super sweet and messaged me within minutes about questions. I needed to give a different picture that wasn’t filtered and Bianca kept complimenting my furbaby. It was adorable.” – Anna Caudill

“I’ve had the pleasure of being photographed by Bianca on many occasions, she’s super fun to work with and always makes me look good!” – Corrin Baker

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